Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December 2021 - Inspiration Images

These are our final two Inspiration Images.  As you consider each of them, let your creativity lead you make something special this month.

Click HERE for instructions on how to submit your work.

We look forward to seeing YOUR creations this month!

December Inspiration 1: Winter Cardinal by Helen Eaton

There was an idea... Sara wrote, "... it would challenge me to get out of my comfort zone... get my brain working in different ways."  I replied, "I've had a restless feeling that it's time for something new... different... challenging..." 72 hours and countless e-mails later, our idea had a name, a blog, an Instagram account, a Pinterest board, and participants were invited. In the last 24 months, I have indeed been challenged to think and create outside my comfort zone.  I know I've grown as a painter, writer, and friend because of Inspiration Collaboration.  My first inspiration image was Snow CardinalWinter Cardinal brings me full-circle.

December Inspiration 2: A New Adventure by Sara Harley
As our two year Inspiration Collaboration project comes to an end, I celebrate the wonderful art that has been created by such a talented group of people. I know everyone will continue to inspire me as we go off on a new adventure.

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