Instructions for Submission

Submit your creative work via e-mail to
Replace (at) with @ sign and (dot) with a period .

You must include:
  • A digital copy of your creative work
  • Your name as you'd like it to appear with your image
  • Your e-mail address (We'll never share this.)
  • The title of your work
  • Which image you used for inspiration
You may also include:
  • Information about your creative work (medium, size...)
  • Your social media information (choose one) if you'd like it to be linked (website, Instagram...)
  • Your thoughts about your creative work or the process of creating it (under 100 words)

 *** Each submission will be reviewed and accepted at our discretion.
***When you submit your image, you are giving us permission to publish it on Inspiration Collaboration social media. (You will always be given credit for your image or words.)  
*** You, the artist, will remain sole owner of the rights to your image and/or words. 
We look forward to hearing from you!
Helen & Sara

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