Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 2021- Inspiration Images

Welcome!  We hope you join us this month and see where your creativity will take you.

We've provided two new inspiration images.  Does one of them cause your imagination to stir? remind you of something? cause you to reflect? give you an idea? We look forward to seeing your art inspired by one of them! 

We would love to see YOUR art alongside ours this month! Make it with paint... or wood... or yarn... or fabric... or words... or a camera... or clay... pen and ink...  YES, your art will fit in perfectly!

April Inspiration 1: Dickson Street by Helen Eaton

It seems like most towns have their special places that give them personality… the landmark where everybody has their pictures made, the street for the parade route, the square where the farmers’ market sets up or rallies take place, the restaurant that always has a long wait list, the old homes in the historic district, or the building whose silhouette appears on the city logo.

Dickson Street is my city’s colorful strip of activity.

April Inspiration 2: Here Comes the Sun by Sara Harley
Every morning I stand at my kitchen window and look at a masterpiece. Each day is unique and sometimes if you don't look at just the right moment, you'll miss something spectacular. The simple beauty of a sunrise is a gift, and a wonderful way to start a day.




  1. Helen, your street scene makes me think I need to go snap a street scene from here, and Sara's sunrise inspires me to be more thoughtful about looking up!

    1. If our images inspire you to create or do, then we've reached our goal!


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