Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 2021 - Inspiration Images

Welcome!  We hope you join us this month and see where your creativity will take you.

We've provided two new inspiration images.  Does one of them cause your imagination to stir? remind you of something? cause you to reflect? give you an idea? We look forward to seeing your art inspired by one of them! 

We would love to see YOUR art alongside ours this month! Make it with paint... or wood... or yarn... or fabric... or words... or a camera... or clay... pen and ink...  YES, your art will fit in perfectly!

May Inspiration 1: Little White Church by Sara Harley
I have photographed churches for many years and am especially attracted to little white churches on back country roads. They always bring me peace and solace. There is something comforting about imagining all the stories that have passed through their doors over the years. Joyful celebrations, overwhelming grief, and everything in between, have been held in the hearts of the faithful.

May Inspiration 2: My Rooster, Bob by Helen Eaton

I love the way my home sounds. Cardinals, blue jays, finches, chickadees, wrens, robins, hawks, crows, mocking birds, whippoorwills… There’s a pair of owls that call out to each other. A red headed woodpecker beats his percussive addition to the cacophony.  Soon there will be the hum of hummingbirds as they’ll flit around their feeders.  In a few weeks there will be the tiny peeps of chicks under running around their clucking mama hen.  There are caws, peeps, twitters, tweets, hoots, clucks, hums, whistles, and then… there’s Bob… Er er-er er-errrr! All… the… time…



  1. If you enjoy steepled churches, check out Prairie Sanctuaries on Facebook. The photographer travels around SDak (my birth state) and photographs churches on the prairie. Stunning photography.


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