Sunday, August 1, 2021

August 2021 - Inspiration Images

Enjoy seeing and reading about each of the Inspiration Images for this month. Take a moment with each of the Inspiration Images below.  Do you come back to one of them? Is there one that makes you think? Is there one that causes you to want to create something of your own?  The diversity of submissions is what makes Inspiration Collaboration unique.  They can be art created through work with paint, yarn, glass, stone, pen, paper, words, fabric, photography... There's no limit to the possibilities.

Click HERE for instructions on how to submit your work.

We love the community of artists that makes up Inspiration Collaboration. If you haven't in a while, scroll back through the blog posts and enjoy all the art YOU have created! We look forward to seeing what you create this month!

August Inspiration 1: Basket of Peaches by Helen Eaton

There's just something about a basket of fresh peaches that gets me every time.  I want to pick one up and take a deep breath to smell it.  If you see beautiful peaches in the grocery store, go ahead... sniff one.  If you don't smell a thing, put it right back where you found it. If the vendor at the farmers' market has peaches, go ahead... smell them. Then hand him your money and let him put them into your reusable cloth bag.

August Inspiration 2: Cottage Garden by Sara Harley

Gardening is one of my hobbies, and I enjoy looking at them as well. Flower gardens, vegetable gardens, formal gardens, cottage gardens, and everything in between. The personality of the gardener shines through every time.


  1. Fresh peaches are so pretty (and tasty). The cottage photo is very cool!

    1. Our part of the country had a hard late freeze that was terrible on our peaches this year. Boo!
      The color combination in Sara's cottage and flowers is calling to me!


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