Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 2021 - Inspiration Images

Sometimes looking at one of the Inspiration Images leads you in one direction, then reading the thoughts behind it takes you another.
Look at each one below.  Read the thoughts behind each one. 
Which one do you find yourself going back to?
What does it inspire you to create? 
Your may choose to do an oil painting, stained glass, colored pencil drawing,  needlework, woodwork, pen and ink, charcoal, photography, mixed media, poetry, watercolor... We love the diversity! 

Click HERE for instructions on how to submit your work.

We love seeing each work that is submitted, and we want YOUR art here with our art! Join us!

June Inspiration 1:Smoky Mountain Stream by Helen Eaton
Whether it's a river, creek, brook, or stream, I want to watch it for a while.  The person who wrote "Peace Like a River" must have felt the same way. There's something soothing to the soul about watching and listening to water trickle and tumble over stones.

June Inspiration 2: Signs of Spring
by Sara Harley

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, full of new beginnings and
the promise of wonderful things to come.

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