Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January Inspiration

We have four images to choose from for your inspiration in January. It's never too late to join in. If you're inspired to create based on one of these Inspiration Images, we want you to submit your creation anytime! Submit your work and we'll add it to our January summary.

Choose one image to use for inspiration in any creative way that you want (painting, collage, poetry, story, drawing, photography.....). Before the end of the month, send us a digital copy of your creative work and we'll "reveal" all the creations. (details on how to send us your work will be posted soon)

Inspiration Image 1: Snow Cardinal by Helen Eaton
Snow Cardinal by Helen Eaton
Snow Cardinal by Helen Eaton
When you catch an unexpected glimpse of color in nature, do you stop to appreciate it?
I know that the bird is a vivid red and is the star of the show, but would there be a story without the background of twigs and branches and snow? Embrace the unexpected glimpses of winter.

Inspiration Image 2: Barely There by Sara Harley
Barely There by Sara Harley
Barely There by Sara Harley
The view along the river one day in December was a magical, misty scene. The stillness created a mirror like finish on the river, with hardly a ripple in sight. The town was barely there, mysteriously shrouded in fog.
Life is an adventure...we are who the past has made us, and we'll become who the future creates. Like the town shrouded in fog, we cannot see what the future holds in store for us no matter how many plans we make.
here is a verse I wrote as a companion to the image:
barely there
just a shadow
of who I was
just a whisper
of who I might be

 Inspiration Image 3: Scattered Crayons by Helen Eaton 
Scattered Crayons by Helen Eaton
Scattered Crayons by Helen Eaton
So you want to be challenged to add more color into your images? 

Well, what could be more literal than “Scattered Crayons” for inspiration!
However, you could find a way to use this idea without color at all… scattered logs of driftwood on the beach… pieces of silverware scattered the counter… Neither of those have vibrant colors!  But, maybe you’ll find a rainbow, a spilled bag of Skittles, or… some scattered crayons.

Inspiration Image 4: Sentimental Journey by Sara Harley 

Sentimental Journey by Sara Harley
Sentimental Journey by Sara Harley
As I age, I often find myself on a sentimental journey thinking about my parents and the home I grew up in.Over the recent holidays, I thought I would make a photograph as a tribute to them. We always had at least one Christmas cactus in the house and my dad was the plant person in the family. He loved gardening and fussed with indoor plants as well. The pot in the photograph was made by my mom. She went through a ceramics phase when I was a teenager and I've managed to keep two of her plant pots all these years (over 35 years!) without breaking them.
Isn't it strangely wonderful how certain things can bring back such lovely memories?


Pick an image....and go create! We are excited to see your creation!

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