Monday, November 1, 2021

November 2021 - Inspiration Images

There's a thought, a story, or a memory behind each Inspiration Image.  They are chosen with the hopes that one of them will give you an idea of your own.  

It's a pleasure each month to watch the diverse pieces of art that you create and add to Inspiration Collaboration.  Any art medium is welcome to be a part.

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We can't wait to see what YOU create this month. Whether this will be your tenth or your first time to add to our collection of art, we welcome you.

November Inspiration 1: Poppy by Sara Harley

As far back as I can remember, poppies have been one of my favourite flowers. It always stops me in my tracks to see a swath of them in a flower garden, and I think it would be marvelous to see a field of them. Of course, at this time of year they are a symbol of sacrifice, lest we forget.

November Inspiration 2: Little Treasure by Helen Eaton
What kinds of hats do you wear? Either metaphorically (grandma, artist, cook, gardener) or actually on your head (toboggan to keep you warm, wide brimmed to shield your face from sun, baseball cap to keep your hair up)?
I once said to my sister who wears hats beautifully, “I wish I had whatever it takes to be able to wear a hat.”  She replied, “All it takes it to put one on your head.”
Thanks Rebecca Marinoni for capturing this image with her camera and allowing me paint it.


  1. I have a box of vintage hats from several of my aunts. My daughter and I pull them out now and then. She just used one for her Mary Poppins costume. I know they would be delighted.


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